Last weekend was the Deep Creek Open and USA National Team Trials in Deep Creek, Maryland. I paddled really well where I finished 1st after qualifications and 2nd overall at the Deep Creek Open. The last day of racing on Sunday was the USA National Team trials where I placed 1st!

ASCI is located on top of a ski hill where it does not run in the winter. This unfortunately makes for unpredictable weather conditions.

The Worlds will be held in Deep Creek next Summer 2014. I am really looking forward to this race as I know the course and it was really fun!

Results from the race can be found here:

View of ASCI from above

On our way back to Toronto to pick up the rest of Team Alberta we decided to make a stop over at Niagara falls. While we were there we read up on some facts about Niagara Falls, where we learned that only one kayaker has attempted to go off the falls. He was so confident he would survive he made dinner reservations down stream... unfortunately his body was never found.