My mom and I made our way down to Seattle to visit a family friend who was very sick. We journeyed through Kootenay National park, down to Cranbrook, and then through Idaho. 

We went for dinner at a place called Ivars, which is famous for their sea food. In the restaurant there was a 1929 racing canoe hanging in it. I am happy that canoes have evolved and I do not need to race something this heavy and long anymore.

On the way home we decided to go through Bellingham toward Chilliwack so I could fit in a paddle with my coach and some Alberta team members. My mom decided to take the role of the photographer. Here are some of the shots she caught.

It was a beautiful day where it reached a high of 25 degrees, which is really unlikely for that time of year. To take advantage of the weather we headed down to Cultus Lake for a BBQ and to hang out with some sprint paddelers. Here are some photos of me sporting my team gear.