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Winter Training Camp 2015

I feel forever grateful for living in such a beautiful place. The Alberta Slalom Canoe Kayak Team traded in their paddles for skis for the annual winter ski camp that took place in the Canadian Rockies. We had four amazing days of skiing, running, hiking and exploring. My goal was to reach 100 km's by the end and I exceeded that at 102 km's!! It involved a lot of hard work with spectacular mountain sunrises and crisp fresh air. 

Here is a little snippet I put together to sum up our camp. The video consists of locations: Canmore Nordic Centre, Lake O'Hara, Cascade Fire Road, Grotto Canyon, and Mount Shark. 

Happy Holidays and Enjoy!



My revised training for the summer included a second trip out to the west coast to partake in some paddling on different rivers and coastal water bodies. My goal was to diversify my paddling beyond a slalom course. The first highlight was catching the tidal wave at the beautiful Skookumchuck narrows on the Sunshine coast with some old paddling buddies. My coastal trip had two objectives: to have fun and train hard. I was fortunate to have a flexible schedule with a firm departure date and return date with a couple of home-stays along the way (thank you to the Palmer/Reuben family and Taylor family for your amazing hospitality!)