I was recently at the Junior and U23 World Championships in Wausau, Wisconsin. This was the first U23 and Junior World Championships and will occur each year from now on.

I made it to finals and the pressure was on to stay clean. I ended up touching 3 gates with a loop at gate 10 this put me in 8thfor the final result. 

The most difficult part of racing is ones ability to control their mental toughness. The best racers are in excellent physical shape and technically sound, but the thing that keeps them at the top is their diligence to focus on the task at hand and race well. 

My coach Mike has been talking a lot about a new Sport Psychology technique called MAC, which stands for Mindfulness, Acceptance and Commitment. Where in a race situation I would be mindful of the fact that I am in an important competition, I would accept that I am racing and I want to do well, and committing to the plan that I have made to efficiently execute the coarse set.

At the end of each race a strong feeling stirs of wanting to go and race again. This itch was prevalent at the end of my finals run at Worlds. I have 4 more competitions to redeem myself and climb my way up in the international rankings.

These competitions include:

Nationals – Valley Field, Que –Aug. 11-12 

Czech Nationals – Prague, CZE – Aug. 18-19

World Cup #4 – Prague, CZE – Aug. 25-26
World Cup #5 – Bratislava, SLK – Sept. 1-2

Some video from training

Rfort Fotos


Team Canada at the opening ceremonies



I am exited and ready to be aggressive and clean at each of these competitions! I have Nationals this weekend!