"Thank you Canada for helping me to succeed and proudly represent our country" Haley Daniels



Canoeist Kitchen Cookbook

The fuel I put into my body directly reflects how I perform. While I am training and competing abroad I have learned a few tricks to maintaining a balanced nutrition. I have recently developed a cookbook called the Canoeist Kitchen, which is based on a plant based diet full of easy and yummy recipes. Click here to purchase.


100% of the donation proceeds go to helping me compete at international competitions. 
$25.00 --> Cookbook and a postcard from competition destinations
$50.00 ---> High fives and social media shoutouts and a cookbook
$100.00 --> Post card from competition destinations and a cookbook
$250.00 --> Hand carved canoe and a cookbook
$500.00 --> Private canoe or kayak lesson for 2 hours and a cookbook