"Thank you Canada for helping me to succeed and proudly represent our country" Haley Daniels


Haley is an exceptionally well-rounded athlete and ambassador for her sport; she gives more than she takes every single day and our world is a richer place as a result.
— Heather McRae, Vice President, Special Projects QED Marketing Inc.
Haley is an extremely driven and motivated person working hard to achieve her goals in life. She is an inspiration for all of us and I am proud to help her on her journey any way I can!
— John Baldwin, Co-Founder, Studio B Events Management
After partnering with Haley for a year, we couldn’t be more thrilled with the representation we’ve received, and how it has been a perfect alignment with the Community of Harmony’s brand. She’s well spoken, a saavy marketer & influencer with a significant social media following, and her commitment to excellence inspires everyone she meets. She offers innovative ways to engage with Harmony’s residents and promotes healthy living which is a cornerstone principle of our brand. It was very easy to partner with her and we look forward to supporting Haley on the road to Tokyo. #togethertotokyo.
— Ryan Hall, VP Marketing & Communications, Bordeaux Developments / Harmony Developments