Keynote Motivational Speaking

What is the difference between saying "I need to" compared to "I get to"? How do you build passion and desire... to be in a position to really want "it"? Hear my stories of being a high performance athlete and find out what keeps me motivated. Learn how to use new tools and tactics that can be useful in the workplace. 

What lessons can be learned from being a high performance athlete and apply to shifting work environments. Through my athletic journey I have had to overcome many obstacles. Hear how I have used adversity as a way achieve amazing results. 

Goal Setting
Dream big and determine the steps needed to get there! Learn how I have developed a winning formula by formulating realistic goals. Listen to my story of achieving excellence in sport and hear how I have drawn on the strengths of others to reach my full potential.   

Overcoming Adversity
Hear my story of why setbacks are a major part of growth when setting goals. Learn what tools and tactics I use to overcome incredibly difficult situations, such as gender inequality in the Olympics.  

Haley is one of the most passionate athlete leaders we have seen take on the role of an athlete rep - advancing her sport and women’s rights in sport in the most professional and impactful way.
— Ashley LaBrie, AthletesCAN, Executive Director
Haley has been outstanding to work with, she authentic to who she is and as such makes and outstanding ambassador for our brand.
— Birol Fisekci, President & CEO, Bordeaux Properties
We had the pleasure to work with Haley on a number of creative projects. Haley brings her high performance mindset from the river to the boardroom. Haley is passionate and driven to succeed and actively contributes to making each project successful. We will always make time to work with Haley Daniels and would recommend Haley to anybody who has the opportunity to work with her.
— Kevin Pennock, Co-Founder, Producer Fireweed Creative Inc.

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