Our second session for the day was intended to be in the Inglewood pool paddling in our slalom boats, but the weather was so nice we decided to bring our training to the river. 

The adventure started with a text message from Mike (my coach) who said:

So instead of going home to do an aerobic workout I met my coach and team mate (Jessica) at the edge of the Bow River, which is our training site just off Glenmore trail right beside Deerfoot Meadows in Calgary. My attempt to get into the icy water was a little abrupt as I fell through the thin ice along the shore into fridgid water up to my knees, but the sudden chill helped me to transition from being dry and land locked to wet and water bound. I climbed into my boat, grabbed my paddle and had a wonderful technique session as the sun set with Canada Geese flying over head.

So many perks from today's session. I was able to get out and paddle, spend time with good friends, and paddle in pink water!!

The sunset went from beautiful to... Epic!