Together To Tokyo
Position: Sponsorship and Campaign Manager

Duties and Responsibilities


  • Implement 5 identified strategies suggested by MDS students

  • Create and maintain Together To Tokyo LinkedIn Group

  • Send out targeted invites through Haley’s LinkedIn and Email

  • Gather additional silent auction items for 3 upcoming events

  • Create framework/critical path for next 2 events
    > Calgary Corporate Challenge - Mini Olympics
    > Day of Rating July 19 - 25 date and name TBD

  • Framework for volunteer positions
    > Silent auction position
    > Social Media Volunteer
    > Cold Call volunteer
    > Registration
    > Float

  • Liaison/point of contact with venues and key decision makers for upcoming events

  • Create social media calendar and content for upcoming events (use MDS golden nuggets)

  • Look into additional sponsorship opportunities

  • Create event programing template

> Pre

> During

> Post